Shaw Security Initiative

Vendor Selection Process

We've investigated several vendors and received bids from anywhere from $3,000 per site to $20,000 per site. We've also learned some unfortunate news about the streetlights in the neighborhood, which means we can't draw power from them without a significant overhaul, so we have been working on some novel approaches to solve this problem.

The funny looking unit the left is our current favored solution. Here are the reasons:
  • Solar powered: Can be easily mounted and moved anywhere the neighborhood needs it
  • Dual optics - the cameras will have a wide field of vision
  • Fixed cameras: low-power to operate and maintain wide field of vision consistently
  • High-resolution optics:  two cameras with high-resolution will allow for a digital zoom that surpasses the ability of other pan-tilt-zoom cameras, while still maintaining ability to watch the whole scene
  • High visibility: Setup stands out without any blinking lights
  • No moving parts at all: Less susceptible to damage from inclement weather and wear-and-tear from use

We have a few more questions for the vendor, but are working hard to make sure this is the best solution for our neighborhood. 
Let us know your thoughts!


Shaw Security Initiative has nearly completed its vendor selection process and we've learned a lot about security cameras in the process.

First, we've begun working with vendors other than those provided by the RTCC. After discussions with Captain Coonce, Director of the RTCC, she indicated that we may choose to work with any vendor that can interface with their software. 
Progress as of May 2, 2017

Here are the particulars of SSI’s Shaw Video Surveillance Camera project.
The system locations:
• Northeast corner Shaw and Klemm Aves
• Northwest corner Shaw Ave and 39th St
• Northwest corner Magnolia and Tower Grove Aves
• A city installed, paid with ward funds will be installed at Magnolia and Grand
• A system already exists at Shaw and Grand Aves.

Vendor Selected:
• Communications Technologies Inc (CTI), Chesterfield, Mo.

System required specs:
• Hi resolution day and night
• Interface with SLMPD Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) for both real time and recorded viewing without access to the city installed fiber optic line, the closest fiber optic access being on Grand Ave.
• A turnkey solution, the vendor supplies the equipment, does the install and interfaces with the RTCC
• Ability to install the systems on streetlight poles
• No direct power or information connectivity is a plus

The selected system:
• Having conducted site surveys and receiving bids and no bids from four companies we decided to go with CTI.
• CTI proposed system is solar powered with battery backup, the information, both real time and recorded, is transmitted cellularly.
• In event of heavy cloud cover the battery system will operate the system for three days.
• The video information can be accessed in real time by RTCC. Recorded information will be held for 96 hours internally and can also be accessed by RTCC.
• Total purchase price of each camera system is $6400.

Privacy concerns:
• The cellular information ip address will be known only by the RTCC.

Install progress:
• The first of these systems will be installed on the streetlight on the northeast corner of Klemm and Shaw Aves.
• On April 8 the contract had been signed and a $3200 deposit had been forwarded to CTI.

There is currently $8083.78 in the SSI bank account. These funds will be used to pay:
• $3200 purchase balance of the first system
• Portion of remaining systems purchase price in concert with SNIA’s $11,000 commitment
• $179 per month ATT cellular service for 3 systems
• $5/month bank fee
• Approximately $200 accountant fee
Paperwork has been forwarded to all the pertinent Saint Louis City agencies to obtain permission to install and donate the systems.
• Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department
• Saint Louis Traffic Department
• Saint Louis Board of Public Service
The paperwork included:
• Google earth and picture locations of selected streetlight poles
• System specs
• CTI insurance certificate
• Equipment donation to the City of Saint Louis and the SLMPD letter
• Streetlight Encroachment Applications (3)
We are currently awaiting final approval from the Board of Public Service to complete the installation of the first system. The coming approval will cover all three installations. While we have yet to receive a go date, they have indicated that no additional information or meetings are needed, and have communicated the same to Alderman Conway, SSI and the various agencies involved as of 5/2/17.
We do prefer SNIA to directly submit their $11,000 committed funds directly to CTI and ATT. SSI will, as previously noted, submit the balance of the purchase price to CTI.

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